For countless individuals, teeth that are sensitive are a significant pain. It may lead to the experience of pain in teeth in specific scenarios including: tooth cleaning, eating or drinking something hot or cold, and also breathing in cold air. Oftentimes, sensitive teeth can be treated by a dentist bringing relief that was welcomed.


The difficulty of sensitive teeth normally appears when the gums recede, resulting in dentin exposure. Some causes of dentin exposure comprise:

  • Tooth brush abrasion – cleaning from side to side, can cause enamel to be worn away, especially where the teeth meet the gums, and brushing your teeth too difficult. It truly is estimated that 50-75% of folks brush with a lot of pressure.
  • Inferior dental hygiene. This may enable plaque to develop at the gum line. Over time this plaque hardens into tartar. Bacteria in this tartar are accountable for the gum disease that results in gum recession.
  • Long term tooth wear often leads to the loss in enamel.
  • Drinking or Often eating drinks or acidic foods can dissolve the outer enamel layer, exposing the tooth or the dentin.

Tooth Susceptibility Can Be Prevented By You By The Following:

  • be-well-dental-images-24Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day. Recall, it takes 2 to 3 minutes to correctly brush all of your tooth surfaces. Avoid brushing your teeth from side to side.
  • Using a soft or ultra-soft toothbrush.
  • Reducing the pressure helps enormously.
  • Flossing helps prevent gum downturn ailment.
  • Using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth
  • Use of a fluoride mouth rinse
  • Seeing with your Vaughan dentist

Tooth sensitivity can be treated by your dentist in a number of manners. The easiest technique is using a fluoride varnish or gel de- sensitizer surfaces. The Vaughan dentist uses fluoride to protect your teeth. This can be painted at routine appointments on the teeth one or two weeks to build up some coverage. Susceptibility can take time to work out, and there may be the requirement for several appointments. A more modern approach would be to use a dental laser. The laser treatment can alter susceptibility to be reduced by the tubules. Using fluoride mouth rinses and fluoride toothpastes also will help reduce susceptibility. There are toothpastes can be found especially for sensitive teeth.

In second strategy to treat tooth sensitivity, a dentist can use white fillings (bonding) to cover exposed root surfaces. The dentist Vaughan will apply a tooth- colored filling material cover the sensitive part of the tooth and to replace the lost enamel. Eventually, a dentist may choose to perform a gum grafting process to regenerate gingiva tissue that is lost. During gum grafting process, the dentist Vaughan suture it to the affected gum recession place and will generally get tissue in the roof of the mouth. This allows more tissue. Subsequent to removing the tissue to be transplanted, the affected region on the roof of the mouth is sutured for healing.